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If you are looking for a custom dunnage that will protect your automotive parts during the shipping process, look no further than the certified team at Woodworth Custom Millwork Inc. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we are the team for you.

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Do You Need Packaging Supplies?

Though your auto parts and other goods might be durable, it can be difficult to predict what sort of journey they’ll endure. To make sure your parts survive the lengthy shipping process, you need to make sure their containers are packed with the appropriate amount of dunnage.

Quality Custom Dunnage, Quality Customer Service

Dunnage is used to secure cargo in its containers or boxes prior to shipping. It can be made from wood, corrugated plastic, foam, aluminum, and so on. At Woodworth Custom Millwork Inc, we are custom millworkers by trade, so we lean towards wood dunnage – but every project is different, and we’ll always do what is best for your cargo.

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    Dunnage Types Include Kit Packs, Custom Dunnage, and Multi-Material Types

We Have The Confidence of Leading Companies

The leading auto companies trust our automotive packaging.

We work with automotive rack manufacturers as well as many commercial and industrial companies. Some of which include:

  • Sigmapac Engineered Services
  • Xcel Fabrication
  • Hoover Enterprises
  • JIDA Industrial Solutions
  • Johnston Industrial Plastics

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Custom Dunnage Of All Widths And Lengths Imaginable

The thicknesses, widths, and lengths of your dunnage will be determined according to your specifications. While thickness may typically vary from 1 1/2in to 2 1/8in, we let you determine the exact dimensions of all your dunnage. Anything less would be a disservice to you and our many devout clients.

Your Free Consultation Will Help Us Create Perfect Packaging Products

We’ll learn the specifications of your order during your complimentary consultation. Just because we start working for you the moment, we take your call, doesn’t mean we begin billing you.

Expendable And Returnable Packaging Supplies: Take Your Pick!

Some companies prefer expendable packaging when the high shipping costs exceed their ROI (return on investment). Others prefer the returnable packaging – we let you decide what’s best for you!